Summer 2022 Halkidiki Villa holidays

Welcome to Xenius Zeus

White sandy beaches from the most beautiful of Greece, 500 km of coastline with crystal waters, pine trees reaching to the sea giving small oases of coolness with their shade, paved streets, villages harmoniously built with stone and wood, history, culture, holiness …

This is the daily Halkidiki. We recommend this Halkidiki.

We invite you to experience the above and much more, in one of our stylish residences. Villas, maisonettes and apartments, stone constructions, as well as modern plain proposals, others in the lively villages, other than settlements, that promote privacy.

But above all, houses built harmoniously to the environment, discreetly luxurious, functional and modern, in front of the sea, but also higher. Ideal for small or large families, friendly groups and couples, they are available all year round, inviting you to experience the peculiarity of each era.

I’m Chrisa. The phone number you can find me is 0030 6973738862 and is available throughout the day.

I wish you happy holidays.



  1. Nea PotideaOrganized sandy beach, Shallow waters, Water Sports, in 3klm (40.195102 – 23.334267)
  2. Sani Beach: Amenities and facilities appropriate to the cosmopolitan 5 stars hotel, in 9klm (40.100496 – 23.30796)
  3. St. Mamas: Shallow water for children, the water doesn’t pass 80-90cm, in 5klm (40.202346 – 23.330319)
  4. Glarokavos: Deep water, in 42klm (39.973468 – 23.673514)
  5. Posidi :Organized sandy beach, Shallow waters, Water Sports(39.970012 – 23.367152)
  6. Kalithea – Solina Organized sandy beach, Shallow waters, Water Sports(40.057744, 23.464973)
  7. Chrouso Paliouri Beach (39.958971, 23.675967)
  8. Psakoudia Beach (40.258999, 23.492726)
  9. Agios Ioannis Nikiti (40.192034, 23.692337)
  10. Spathies Beach (40.170363, 23.721095)
  11. Lagomandra Beach (40.133822, 23.750016)
  12. Fteroti Vourvourou (40.205066,23.763893)
  13. Ammouliani  (40.334768 – 23.919268)
  14. Trani Ammouda (40.244003, 23.724185)


  1. Greek Tavern “MARINA” in N.Potidea (40.195589 – 23.32377)
  2. Greek Tavern “ARGONAFTES” in N.Potidea (40.196331 – 23.324811)
  3. Fresh Fish in Fokies (40.133815 – 23.400856)
  4. Pizza – Spagetti “TORONEOS” in N.Potidea (40.195901 – 23.332863)
  5. Greek Tavern “MONOPATI” in N. Moudania (238900, 23.283000)
  6. “PORTOBELLO” Pizza & Kitchen in Siviri (40.035840, 23.360784)
  7. Villa Stasa fish restaurant in Agia Paraskevi (39.925423, 23.588429)
  8. Restaurant BAKALIS in Pefkohori (39.988696, 23.620113
  9. Traditional Tavern “KOSTAS” in Psakoudia (40.259700, 23.494645)
  10. Greek Tavern “KLIMATARIA” in Metagitsi (40.323853, 23.656251)
  11. Greek Tavern “ARISTOS” in Ormos Panagias(40.233773, 23.731798
  12. Restaurant “PARTHENONAS” in N.Marmara (40.118510, 23.812897
  13. “KTIMA PEREK” in Monopigado (40.434444,23.134801)
  14. Traditional Tavern “ARSANAS” in Nikiti (40.214147, 23.668754)
  15. Greek Tavern “MIMIS” in Agios Nikolaos (40.249065, 23.694279)
  16. Tavern “ZORBAS the Greek” in Ierissos (40.399300, 23.882128)
  17. “KRITIKOS Galery & Resaturant” in Ouranoupoli (40.326225, 23.980369)
  18. Greek Tavern “JANIS” in Ammouliani (40.331163, 23.922637)


  1. The castle and the canal of Potidea, in 3klm (40.196774 – 23.33058)
  2. Roman farmhouse and the tower Stavronikita, in 3klm (40.133478 – 23.403463)
  3. The sanctuary of Ammon Zeus and Nimfeon in Kallithea , in 10klm (40.075888 – 23.448009)
  4. Ancient Olynthos. Top city in classical period with the most organized urban system in 20klm (40.290705 – 23.343133)
  5. Ancient Stagira. The birth city of Aristotle, in 90klm (40.513016 – 23.821936)
  6. Monastery of St. Anastasia. The most famous monastery in Chalkidiki, built in 9th sentury, in 75klm (40.47937 – 23.186424)
  7. Petralona Cave in 20klm (40.372444 – 23.167952)
  8. Mount Athos. Boundless Byzantine museum. Place dedicated to prayer and worship to God. Only men are wellcome. 120klm (40.325673 – 23.979363)


1st route

Starts from the tower Stavronikita in Sani , passes through the beautiful forest and wetlands in the region N. Fokea and ends again in the tower (2 ½ hours, up to 22 m altitude )

2nd route

This track starts again from Sani namely the Porto Sani Village and ends in Siviri. The landscape is beautiful wooded and there are several places where the view is amazing. (planned return, 20km, altitude up to 60m)

3rd Route

Starts beach Poseidi and passes by a forest road to Kallandra , and ends again at the beach , the trail is easy but very beautiful. (2 hours, altitude 80m)

4th Route

Starting from Polyhrono and climbs in the woods to the west reaches the pond with turtles and ends again in Polyhrono.


From Kriopigi directed towards the small and picturesque village of Kassandrino through a beautiful forest. (Long route, altitude 200 meters)


From the village Hanioti directed towards the interior of the peninsula and reaches a point from which you can admire the N.Skioni and a beautiful landscape. The end of the path is again Hanioti. (altitude 300m)


Nikiti – Agios Nikolaos – Nikiti: It is a circular route, with forest paths, starting from Nikiti, passing through the village of Agios Nikolaos and returning to Nikiti. Along the way you will also find the picturesque church of Prophet Elias


Porto Carras – Vineyards – Porto Carras: This is a circular route that passes through the wineries of Porto Carras. The vegetation on the paths of this route is dense and rich. This makes it an interesting route.


Neos Marmaras – Parthenon: It is a long route, which passes through the small old settlement of the Parthenon. There are two options depending on your preferences. You can either choose the easy route, through the Drosia tavern, or the difficult one, in which you will see a watermill and the dam. Whichever route you choose, you will enjoy the natural landscape and the beautiful view. In general, in both cases, it is quite a long journey, lasting 4 hours

10th ROUTE

Ouranoupoli – Mount Athos Border: This route from Komitsa beach to Ouranoupoli, is the path that separates Mount Athos from the rest of Greece. It’s a relatively easy route. You can walk along the borders, on the forest path and enjoy the wonderful view of Halkidiki, but also of the Aegean.


  1. St. Paraskevi: Modern Spa, swimming pools, sauna, single or team hammam. The water’s temperature is between 37.5C to 39C. Distance 35klm (39.92751 – 23.585658)
  2. Aggistro Serres (41.36796,23.427635)
  3. Lagadas (40.750378,23.066297)


  • 1.    Casino Porto Caras in Marmaras, in 65klm (40.075165-23.796018)
  • 2.    Casino Thessaloniki (40.527109,22.992103)


  • Police: 0030 2373021111 and 0030 2373041111
  • General Hospital of Poligiros: 0030 2371024021-27
  • Health Center of N.Moudania: 0030 23730 22222
  • Health Center of Kassandra: 0030 2374023950
  • Municipality of N.Moudania: 0030 2373021268
  • Community of Potidea: 0030 2373041563
  • Health Center of Agios Nikolaos 0030 2375350000
  • Health Center of Ierissos 0030 2377022222